iPad Case Accessory Encountering Docking Stations

iPad Case Accessory Encountering Docking Stations

Some iPad users having their device in the Apple case complain that it is not possible to use the docking station or keyboard dock to charge the battery. Every time they want to use their dock or keyboard dock, they have to remove the case, which gives them some trouble. As it is a very tight fit, so it is not all that easy.

What charging the battery concerns, according to the manufacturer the best way of charging it, is to use the dock connector to USB cable and power adapter that comes with this device.

But if you want to use your docking station to charge the battery, you will have to first remove the case. As said, if you are not familiar with it, removing the cover is not that simple and you have to be careful. Now, after some practising I manage to find my way of removing the cover in a more easy way, without trying to force my iPad out of the case.

Here is how I remove it:

Move the microfiber fold outwards.
Turn the device around and hold it there firmly.
Your hands should now be in a position where they have a grip on the top and bottom sides, seen in Portrait view.
When you hands are in the right position, you are able to drive/push the device toward the outside with your thumbs.
No need to move it a long way, just a short distance to pop it out of its cover. You get the feeling after doing it a few times.
When it is out of the case a bit, then there is room in the case to move the device further out.
So it is not all that complicated, but needs a bit practise.
Doing it this way I keep my case nicely in its shape.


Now if the above does not solve your trouble with removing the case regularly, you might consider protection your device in another way. In stead of a case, you can think of what is called a skin for your device. These are for durable scratch protection and are available in many artistic and colorful prints. The advantage of such a skin is that you can place the device – covered with the skin – in its dock or keyboard dock to charge the battery, do syncing or using the keyboard for typing and sending/replying emails etc.

There are other alternatives for such a skin or for the Apple case, in the form of case suppliers having cases with a so-called flip-back panel for inserting your device in the dock or keyboard dock and leaving the case in place.

If you want more choice then check the market online as there case suppliers developing special cases suitable for iPad and having a snap-off access for the docking station, so you do not need to remove the entire cover.

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